Coffee. Church. Cookie. Chocolate.

We got out of bed around 9 this morning which felt great :) z went to grab a newspaper while I made coffee and breakfast. He had a grapefruit with some toast and OJ. I had banana oats with a glass of carrot apple juice!


We share the newspaper every Sunday. He starts with Sports and I start with Arts (we get to the “important” stuff later).

The Arts & Style page was really vibrant today!

After breakfast, I got dressed for church and said goodbye to z. I haven’t found a church since I moved to DC…well I haven’t exactly been looking either. The Metropolitan Community Church is literally around the corner from me, so I decided to check it out.

The sanctuary was really beautiful. The windows made it feel so open and bright and I loved the tree in the background.

The service was really nice and I loved the music. A nice man gave me a tour and introduced me to both the pastor and the music director (she may have recruited me…). I hung out for a bit and grabbed a cup of coffee and a pretty cookie for the walk home.

A little after I got home I decided to heat up my leftovers in the oven.

So much delicious food…and lots of ketchup/sriracha!

Look how big that sandwich is!!

My sweet tooth kicked in after the sandwich, so I cracked into the wedding goodie bag from yesterday! Jordan Almonds – yummy!

I may have also opened this bag…

I ate one of the two truffles and it was amazing!!! Super smooth and chocolatey!

Now I’m feeling quite full and a bit nauseated, so I’m wrapped up in my Snuggie and drinking water. I’m thinking of going to Spin class at 5pm tonight…we’ll see if that actually ends up happening.

snug as a bug in a rug monkey in a Snuggie in an apartment near Chinatown.


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