Oh, Hi Snow!

When I woke up this morning, it was COLD! It’s about 22 degrees out and we are already getting snow. I really hoped it wouldn’t start until after Bootcamp because I don’t like getting all bundled up to go to the gym…No such luck!

Before class I had two sandwich thins with CinnRaisPB, Ginger Snappish tea, vitamins, and my last steroid!!!

Class was great. I got there a little earlier than last time to get a space and set up my equipment. Bootcamp is a great full body workout and it gives me the exact motivation I need. My new sports bra is really great. It did a great job of keeping my dry and…in place ;)

I set my auto-brew to turn on when I got home, so now I enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee and half an AB cup :)

I love the weekends because I get to play in the kitchen!

Roasted a bunch of carrots with EVOO and cajun seasoning:

Made the best carrot apple juice ever:

Won the award for best use of juice pulp:

Crushed a huge plate of carrots and “pancakes:”

Time to hop in the shower and get ready for today’s snowy DC wedding! Hope z makes it here ok…

I’ve got a belly full of orange in an apartment near Chinatown.


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