Out of work at 5 – check.

Three pieces of wakame while waiting for my parents – check.

Belly full of pizza, soda and FF frozen yogurt – check.

Lots of fun Costco groceries – check.

10 pounds of organic carrots! I see lots of roasting and juicing in my near future!

Granola bars, veggie burgers, sandwich thins and apricots!

Log of goat cheese!

Organic salsa, jonagold apples, and super affordable almond butter!

Two sports bras!

Three Averie-inspired almond butter cups in the fridge – check.

Camera battery charger from mom and dad – check.

Camera battery in charger – check.

Awesome parents – check, check.

Even something as silly as a trip to Costco is fun with my parents. I told them I’d go to the gym tonight, but I kind of just want to do a load of laundry and drink hot tea in my PJ’s. I think I’ll do that, go to bed at a reasonable hour and then go to Bootcamp tomorrow morning at 9:30.


checking out of the work week and in to the weekend in an apartment near Chinatown.


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