It wouldn’t be a lunch…

I went to bed last night with a splitting headache! Not sure if it was the intense Bootcamp workout or the fact that the glasses I’ve been wearing aren’t strong enough or the fact that I think I left my camera charger in St. John…Maybe all of the above.

It’s a good thing my crackberry takes almost decent picutres; almost.

Overnight oats (plain yogurt, oats, unsweetened soy, agave, chia seeds, meusli, and a whole banana) and Reindeer Blend coffee!

It’s 12:40 and I’m just sitting down to eat my lunch. I guess it has been a relatively busy day. I had some leftover frittata on top of a monstrous bed of spinach. Even though hpants and I aren’t eating together today, we still share what we bring. When I told her about today’s lunch, she said “It wouldn’t be a lunch if it wasn’t over spinach.” Right she is!

I am really loving this tofu frittata, seriously. It was amazing even the day after. I guess all that melted cheddar doesn’t hurt…

I finished lunch with a big grapefruit. I was practically sweating by the time I finished it because it takes so long to peel, section and get all the goodness out of each segment!

For today’s snack, I have celery stalks and a light garlic herb LC wedge to spread on them :) I love Laughing Cow cheese. I really just use the celery as a calorie-less vehicle to get the cheese in my mouth :)

Who wants to see the same meal twice in one post? Well, you’re in luck! More frittata for dinner!

I actually made a frittata sandwich by toasting a sandwich thin and adding sriracha and jalapenos on top :) YUM!

On the side, I made braised celery with veggie stock to use up the rest of the celery I had. My water glass had a certain pug-like charm ;)

After dinner I had a little bowl of cereal for dessert and now I’m contemplating the gym while I digest. I really should go…We’ll see how I feel in an hour or so.

Time to do dishes and pack my lunch :)


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