Saints and Sundae Sunday.

I was all around DC yesterday. I first went to Goodwill to drop off an old bread machine, some clothes and a bridesmaids dress from years ago. Of course I had to check out the store too! I scored a sweet gray, tweed, knee-length pea coat for $7.98!! Ow Ow! I headed to Target and Whole Foods afterwards to get a few supplies. I was getting pretty hungry so I was glad I was prepared with snacks.

Banana and zbar!

I got home around 5:30 and made a quick dinner. Big bowl of leftover salad with pickled jalapenos, shredded cheddar and honey mustard dressing.

I also snacked on some corn chips and chunky salsa! Favorite snack ever!

I decided earlier in the day that I wanted to stay at my parents house to watch the Saints game, so I packed Monday’s breakfast and lunch and headed up North!

I guess the salad wasn’t a sufficient dinner because when I got to their house around 7, I was super hungry! I had two wheat rolls and an ice cream sundae (hey, it was Sunday)! It was a small bowl, especially compared to my parents!

Thin piece of pound cake, lots of strawberries, french vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate drizzle and light whipped cream.

Dad’s sundae was the size of his head, seriously!

Mom’s was a little smaller ;)

 MM they sure were delicious.

I’m super glad the Saints won! We had a great time watching the game!

I had breakfast with my dad this morning. He had cereal and I had my overnight oats that I had packed.

Plain yogurt, oats, soy milk, banana, strawberries and honey granola! Decadent!

The perfect bite has a little bit of everything!

It’s always a treat to stay at my parents house because it means I don’t have a commute…and I get Starbucks :)

Enter Grande Soy Misto…

I have the last of the leftover salad for lunch with more pickeled jalapenos, cheddar and salsa with a corn muffin and an apple!



Today’s snack is going to be almost like red ants on a log. Hopefully I can wait until about 5 to eat it since I ate lunch around 1…It’s looks so yummy!

Celery sticks with cranberry PB  and a banana:)

Bootcamp tonight!

just another Monday in an apartment near Chinatown.


One thought on “Saints and Sundae Sunday.

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dads sundae is bigger than Zeus huge!…you cant pay enough to find a store to serve that one. The closest thing to it is the Ben and Jerry’s MooMonster bucket thingy LOLLLL

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