Saturday night was a lot of fun! My mom, dad and z came over for a chili dinner and the Washington Capitals game.

I started making the chili around 12:30 by sauteing a yellow onion, red pepper, green pepper, and a jalapeno in olive oil. I added the chili seasoning mix to coat the veggies and added 28 ounces of diced tomatoes. After that had cooked for a little, I added the veggie crumbles. I drained both cans of beans, added them directly to the crock pot and topped them with the sautéed veggie mix.

All stirred and ready to hangout!

See you in 5 hours!

Table for four with farm animal plates! I made a huge spinach salad with cucumber, tomatoes , yellow and orange bell peppers. Fresh and crunchy!

Chili topped with homemade plain greek yogurt and cheddar cheese!

I also made boxed corn muffins but added pickled jalapenos!! MMM! Everything turned out pretty well ;)

The Caps beat the Coyotes 4-2! WOOHOO :)

After the game we said goodbye to my parents and headed to Jaleo to get a drink. z ordered two glasses of Manzanilla and it was…quite interesting. It was supposed to be wine, but tasted like dirt liquor. At least we know for next time…Foca was in DC to see a play with G, so they met up with us a little later. Yay :)  

Also…4 x 4 is 16, not 12. Just an FYI.

Sorry about the less than stellar recap. Aren’t pictures supposed to speak a thousand words anyway?

rockin’ the red in an apartment near Chinatown.


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