I wasn’t going to do a post about my dinner last night until I looked at what I made. It was the ugliest, khaki-colored dinner ever! Seriously, everything was a variation of the same shade of beige. HAHA!

Leftover brown rice, leftover chickpeas, piece of mozzarella and a drizzle of honey mustard!

I roasted some carrots in the oven with olive oil and cajun spices so I could at least eat part of the rainbow:

Unfortunately, these babies were taking too long and I was hungry…so  I spread a beige garlic herb LC wedge on a beige sandwich thin with some sriracha (for color!!!). I crack myself up.

I watched the latest episode of Ugly Betty and cleaned my apartment thoroughly in preparation for tonight’s double date with my parents and z!

I got a phone call from z a little after 9 suggesting a sleepover!!! How spontaneous :) We had a glass of  Chianti, so that we could deal with some rodent issues (yes, I have a mouse and yes, I’m disgusted). We woke up before 8, which is crazy for me on a weekend, but I felt great.

After z left, I made a quick breakfast: Sandwich thins. One side cranberry PB, one side cinnamon raisin PB and some NAKED juice.

I watched a James Taylor DVD to pass time until Bootcamp at 9:30.

(I love my SmartWool socks and need like 10 more pairs!!)

The Saturday Bootcamp class has a much different format than the Monday night class and it was super crowded! I got a great workout and feel awesome now. I stopped by the grocery store to pick up two bags of spinach ($0.99!!) and grab a tall soy misto :)

I grabbed four dried apricots when I got home for a little snack.

The coffee and apricots should hold me over until after Noon when I start making the veggie chili for dinner.

My parents and z will be arriving around 5pm so the chili will have time to hang out in the crock pot! I’m really excited for dinner and a Caps game!! GO CAPS!!

getting pumped in an apartment near Chinatown.


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