Life Since The Islands…

…has been ok, I guess. I just miss that tropical weather so much!

Monday started later than usual, so I scrambled to get everything together (including my breakfast) so I could make it to work.

I packed a green machine and some plain yogurt with agave and my new Great Grains Raisin, Date & Pecan Cereal:

I had some pasta, chik’n, and roasted carrots for lunch, but was so excited that hpants and I were walking to Whole Foods that I didn’t take a picture!

I had a honeybell orange and some “trail mix” gradually throughout the rest of the day.

I ate dinner before Bootcamp tonight so I didn’t have to eat at 9pm. I had a spicy chik’n patty on a WW thin with one slice mozzarella, ketchup, hot sauce and a side of carrots.

Bootcamp was so hard! I guess snorkeling, reading and one hike don’t really count as enough exercise in a week!? When I got home, I wasn’t super hungry, but knew I wanted some form of nourishment. I made a little chocolate cherry protein smoothie.

Unsweetened soy, half scoop protein powder and frozen cherries.


Look how pretty it is!!

Unfortunately I couldn’t taste the cherries at all! It tasted like chocolate protein ice cream, which wasn’t terrible…but I wanted CHERRY FLAVOR! Oh well, it did the trick because it had protein and acted as dessert.

Next time I might not use as much soy milk, or a different protein powder. Are there any flavorless protein powders or powders that don’t over power smoothies?

I went to the doctor this morning (finally) to get my hands checked out. The good news is that it’s not contagious and is just dry skin. The bad news…it’s majorly infected which is why it’s been itching like crazy and keeping me from sleeping. I got a prescription for oral steroids and antibiotics along with a topical ointment. Hopefully this monster goes away soon…it’s driving me insane!

This morning I had apple cinnamon oats (on the go again) with home-brewed coffee. For lunch, hpants and I walked to WF again and I got the salad bar. Of course I forgot to take a picture, but I had a lovely mix of spinach, tofu, tempeh, black beans, gigantic beans, tomatoes, artichokes, cucumber, couscous and wild rice. I love throwing a little bit of everything in there :)

getting back into the swing of things in an apartment near Chinatown.


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