Sea Lion Saturday!

We had to get up early on our last day so we could pack up and take the ferry over to St. Thomas.

I had a yogurt with almonds and coffee for a quick breakfast:

It was raining when we were leaving the house and I did not like it!

We found flowers just as we were getting in the car, so I felt a little better…

We got on the 11:15am ferry and it was a quick trip to St. Thomas. We have a family friend who works at Coral World, so we decided to go check it out because we had a lot of time to kill before our flight.

We saw turtles, iguanas, pretty birds, tons of fish, sharks (I got to pet one), stingrays, and…SEA LIONS!


 In flight snacks and entertainment:

Some contrast huh? From shorts and flip flops, to pants and hoodies! Ha…

When we touched down in Charlotte, we had a very strange announcement, “If anyone is feeling strange, we have medical officers outside of the plane to consult you.” When we got off the plane, the officers were asking if we had “headaches, dry eyes, any strange feeling, etc.” It was crazy because I had just told my mom about my headache and had just put drops in my eyes. I thought it was dehydration and wearing my contacts too long. Being the stubborn person I am sometimes, I just decided I’d be ok and head to the next gate.  I sat down and still felt weird, but ate some Nutella gelato and drank some water. We found out that there was a carbon monoxide leak and saw the flight attendants and BOTH pilots get carried away on stretchers. Scary stuff. I felt a lot better after I boarded the plane to DC and took a nap. That could have been really bad…

We made it to DC around 11:20 and my awesome boyfriend was waiting to pick me up. After we got our baggage, my mom and I walked outside so she could say hi to z. I missed that boy. He brought me some honeybell oranges, some kitchen knives AND some tropical-looking flowers:

We majorly slept in Sunday, ate some brunch and watched football. I got a phone call from my mom telling me that apparently my car had been towed from my lot. Unreal. It was a Sunday. What the heck was I supposed to do? I needed my car to get to work. AH! After z left around 3, I decided to call the tow lot to get their hours. I was shocked to find someone on the other end of the line. The guy said they were only open for tow services, but after some sweet talking, he said I could come get my car! I had to call z and ask him to come back over to take me to NE DC, eek. Unfortunately, we remember the place all too well. I ran to the ATM to get out a TON of cash and z picked me up. It was a much better experience than the last time. In and out (with a 30 dollar discount). z saved the day :)

Some welcome home, huh?

I’ll miss the island weather, but I’m glad to be home.


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