Out of the Country!

Let’s go back to Thursday:

We woke up at 7:15, grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out to pick up our rental boat! They had parrots and a kitty named Ashley.

Our 25-foot boat was called “Nauti Nymph.” Hehe…

The ride over to the British Virgin Islands was extremely rough. I was sobbing for the first part of the ride…The boat was going too fast (for my liking) and was bouncing up and down due to the choppy water. There was a storm coming in, so that didn’t help the choppiness of the open water. UGH.

These cool guys were pretty comfortable on the boat.

This girl? Not so much…

I look real thrilled to be in the BVI’s…

After we checked in with Customs and got our passports stamped (!!!), we stopped at Corsairs for something to eat.

I wrote on the wall while my parents ate, but then I decided not to eat here (meat, meat, meat) so I went back to the boat and made a PB sandwich with an apple and Diet Coke :) Tasty lunch!

After lunch, we headed to Norman Islands to snorkel the caves.

When left on the boat alone (because I refused to snorkel the caves) I apparently turn into Posh Spice. Ha! I really enjoyed laying out on the boat with Mr. Sun and Gap Creek (finished it today).

We had to get the boat back by 4, which meant returning to US Customs and getting gas for the boat. It cut our trip a little short, but it was still a good day.  We dropped the boys off at the house and decided to go find the sunset.

My parents are adorable:

We had an abundance of leftovers, so we didn’t need to make dinner. As we went to say grace, I noticed this:

My mom and little bro holding zbear’s paws! Precious.

I had the last of the soy “chorizo,” salad, rice/spinach mixture with pesto and a few pieces of cold ravioli (pre-photo).

There were more fresh cookies baked and consumed, and then I spent the rest of the night watching CNN’s Haiti coverage. Please continue to pray and donate if you can.

Next post: A Rainy Friday…


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