A Rainy Friday.

It’s raining on our last full day in St. John, which means there is plenty of time to blog.

Today started with lots of rain on the ground, a bowl of apple cinnamon oats and some coffee.

Followed by some breakfast pizza (crescent roll, egg, hash browns and cheese).

We headed to Leinster Bay, hoping the rain would stop and the sun would come out…we waited there for a little, looked at the clouds and realized it would rain all day. BOOO :(

The rain made for a good excuse to go shopping at Mongoose Junction.

These guys were running around:

My mom found this shirt in one of the shops:

Hilarious!! It’s a snorkeler!!

Even though it was raining, I saw people with coconuts and needed one for myself!

We saw more donkeys today! It won’t ever get old. They are awesome :)

Jaybird spotted this banana bunch, and like a good monkey, I got some pictures!

Siblings stuck in the car:

We got pizza for lunch since we were in town.

This was followed by a quick snooze and lazing around.

Look at our view today:

Stupid rain.

We had dinner around 7 but I wasn’t super hungry because of lunch (and snacking), so I had some potatoes and broccoli:

I’m hoping we head into town tonight so I can make a phone call. I haven’t talked to z since Monday night and I’m used to talking to him or seeing him everyday. Ha…poor me ;)

We’re leaving St. John tomorrow. Heading to St. Thomas for some exploration and then to catch our plane back to DC.

See you on the Mainland.


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