A Hike and A Swim.

We were a little up in the air with what we wanted to do today. I thought it was the perfect time to take a hike! My dad and I decided on the Cinnamon Bay Trail so we could meet up with everyone else at Trunk Bay.

Hi guys!

Gorgeous Trunk Bay!

Sibling toes.

We saw (and fed) more donkeys. I freakin’ love them. They’re adorable :)

We seriously cooked so much food. It was hilarious.

Carb-overload! Spinach, wild rice, salad with peppers and avocado, crescent roll, potatoes and ravioli with pesto. GEEZ!

Watching a movie with the fam. We have an early morning tomorrow because we’re renting a boat and heading to the British Virgin Islands. Night! See you Thursday!


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