East Side.

Tuesday was another great day but I somehow manage to get more and more bug bites each day. Awesome.

I had a leftover pancake with blueberry Chobani, cereal, almonds and agave for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed to the East side of the island to Hansen Bay. It is a small private beach with very few people.

Ah, I tried a conch fritter. Not bad actually. Not vegetarian actually.

The family ate some of the famous fried garlic chicken and johnny cakes from Vie’s Snack Shop.

On the east side, we saw a lot of goats, stray cats, wild chickens…and WILD DONKEYS :) I loved them.

We cleaned up and showered when we got home and headed into town for dinner (and a free drink) at Morgan’s Mango.

We all ordered our free drinks and studied the menu.

I got the Lavango Lime which was really tart and refreshing.

Everyone ordered appetizers for the table to share. The boys shared some cajun shrimp, mom shared her house salad and dad shared the special chickpea soup. The soup and salad were really good!

For my entree, I ordered the vegetarian plate that came with rice, stewed chickpeas, mixed greens, plantains, sweet potatoes, corn and broccoli. I also had a Mango ale from the Virgin Islands Brewing Co.

I also tried a little piece of my mom’s swordfish. This is a little unlike me, but I didn’t want to hold myself back from trying something that I wanted to try. Usually fish (or anything previously living) doesn’t appeal to me but it actually looked good to me…and it was delicious!

I’d say I was a little hungry…

I guess everyone was hungry because we were all ready for dessert!

Dark chocolate torte.

White chocolate torte.

Key lime pie.

We were all pretty stuffed!!

The “kids” said goodbye to the parents and we went bar hopping. That’s Rikki the bartender ;)

After a few bars we called a taxi Mom and Dad who were so great to pick us up after Midnight :)

See you Wednesday!


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