Monday Funday.

I slept better on Sunday night…because I slept in my parents room. Weird. These bugs are driving me insane.

We woke up and had a nice toast to another beautiful day!

Give me coffee.

We decided to eat outside in the shade for breakfast!

Apple Cinnamon oats…in 80+ degree weather! Ha!

Getting ready to go to the beach!

Cinnamon Bay :)

My parents and the boys snorkled around that entire island!

OMAHA. OMAHA.  – That would be a  sack. Ouch.

NERF football!

Nice catch, bro.

Three cheese sandwich on wheat for lunch. Good thing we packed snacks today!

On a love side note:

Happy Monday Funday from my tropical family:

We had dinner around 6:30. The kids were responsible tonight, so I steamed the broccoli and made the guacamole. Jaybird made the roasted potatoes with chipotle seasoning, and Jah grilled steak and chicken.

Soy “chorizo,” broccoli, potatoes and guac!

By the time the brownies were done, I ate one without taking a picture. MMM! Thanks Dad.

Another great day in paradise. See you on Tuesday!


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