Bugs Love Me.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I had about 10 bug bites before I even got in bed, so I was really bug-paranoid. I woke up almost every hour and by 8am island time, I had to get up.

I went outside to find this gorgeous view:

The others started trickling out and the coffee started a’brewin’!

Breakfast started shortly after.

I had a pancake topped with peach Chobani and cereal with one egg on the side.

After digestion and a massive sunscreen application session, we hit the road for our snorkel trip! Beautiful.

Get in that water!

Paranoid much? Rash guard and a floatie? Really? Hey – I like to be safe :)

I saw tons of starfish, lots of other cool fish, a stingray, and a TURTLE!!! It was amazing!

We spent so much time snorkeling that we didn’t stop for lunch and didn’t end up having dinner until 7pm! We were all so hungry!! Dad grilled beef and turkey burgers and some hot dogs on the grill for a nice family dinner.

I had a soy “chorizo,” a veggie burger with havarti, green beans, and french fries!  I <3 Diet Coke :-/

Dinner was so good and we were so stuffed that we just  passed right out!

Fresh PB cookies with plain soymilk!

I got a million more bug bites today, so I probably won’t get much sleep again tonight. If I wake up early again, I am planning on going for a job. The roads here are really steep, so we’ll see how long that lasts ;)

I’m beyond stuffed and hanging out with the family. Windows are open. Fans are on. The breeze is amazing.

Life is good :)


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