Island Time.

Today was an early morning. The alarm went off at 6:15 so z could take me to the airport. Shortly after we said goodbye, I met up with my family.

I had a quick airport breakfast of a $1.05 apple, dried fruit and black coffee!

My body is so used to oatmeal, and I was hungry as soon as we boarded the plane. I grabbed my book, a zbar and got settled in between my two brothers.

We had a quick layover in Charlotte and we were all hungry for lunch. There was only one place in our terminal, so there weren’t many choices. I got a “veggie tomazzo” and it was actually pretty tasty. I gave half to my dad because it was heavy and cheesey!

There was a lot more undocumented snacking. Traveling  makes me really snacky – good thing I packed nut clusters and lots of dried fruit!

There were some in-flight shenanigans,

and beautiful sights,

and then we finally arrived in St. Thomas.

After some major bag, box and cooler schlepping, we made it on board the ferry to St. John. We saw a really nice sunset and the ride was so relaxing. The drive up to the house on the other hand…not so relaxing. The hills are crazy steep and the roads are super windy! Barf. We drove about 12 minutes and landed in what I can only describe as a luxury tree house :) It’s nestled way up the on the hills with trees and flowers all around.

I found these characters family members star-gazing on the back deck! The little bird saw his first shooting star! The stars out here are unreal! I miss seeing stars…

I also found this zbear getting cozy in my island bed!

After an in-depth tour, we were hungry for dinner. The boys went out for pizza and the girls stayed in for monstrous salads! Hey Mama!

My salad had spinach, tomato, avocado, onion, almond, hummus, salsa and a clementine (x4)!

I seriously ate my body weight in clementines! So delicious! It was such a great idea for my parents to pack groceries! We were able to check everything – even frozen food!!

psst! I see Chobani!

The boys brought the pizza back to the house which meant…I needed a slice (or two) of the cheesey goodness :) Yum!

After everyone was good and stuffed, we lounged on the couch for some NFL. Naturally that’s what we’d do on our first night on a beautiful island! Ha!

Tomorrow, the real excitement begins!

This house has free internet, so I may blog before bed every night, or I might not. I’m on island time now!!

livin’ easy on an island far from Chinatown.

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