Two is Too Many.

There are too many buttons on my pants (only two actually). One on the inside and one on the outside with a zipper as well. Why was I noticing this??

This is why:

Coffee mug, tea mug, water cup, Naked juice.

 I’m always drinking which means I’m always potty-breaking. Too much information? Oh well…

While I was cleaning up my desk in preparation for hpants’ arrival, I set my phone on my planner and was immediately taken back to college.

Banana phone anyone??

I used to collect buttons and my roommate gave me one with Fozzie on the banana phone!

Anyway…for lunch I had an apple and a vanilla-cranberry PB and apple butter sandwich.

For dessert, I had a FUDGE BABY!

hpants got a Magic Bullet for Christmas and knew this was the first thing she wanted to make! Cashews, cocoa powder, dates, and love. That’s it!

They were so chocolatey and delicious! Thanks for sharing hpants :)

Today feels like an afternoon snack kind of day, so I know I’ll be eating my bananaphone and pomegranate Chobani. Not sure what I’m doing for dinner but I’ll probably grab something quick with z since I’ll be like the tasmanian devil trying to pack and get ready for tomorrow!

Side love note: z’s staying with me tonight so he can take me to the airport early tomorrow morning. He likes me.

Vacation Countdown: 3 hours!

counting down in an apartment near Chinatown.

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