Not a complete failure…

Dinner last night was…interesting.

First I washed and cut up the fresh broccoli and got it ready for steaming:

Then I started to make the sauce for the Honey-Jalapeno Chicken with Sesame Soba Noodles:

Cut up jalapeños:

Add the rest of the ingredients and blend:

It was way too sweet with the honey, so I added the juice of half a lime and moved on (without tasting it).

Next it was time to toast some sesame seeds:

Boil some salted water and prepare the soba noodles:

When z came over, I asked him to try the sauce to see if he wanted his chicken cooked in it. The face he made (for five minutes) told me “absolutely not.” He asked me if I’d tasted it and I remembered I hadn’t, so I didn’t force him to have the sauce (but I did ask him make his own chicken). He just cooked it in the pan with some soy sauce.

I tasted the sauce and didn’t think it was too bad, so I cooked my chik’n in it.

During my sauce embarrassment, I accidentally let the broccoli cook too long. Oops! I took it out, added the toasted sesame seeds, some sesame oil and lemon juice. They were definitely over cooked, but I’m not picky.

We mixed some fresh scallions into the cooked soba noodles and put our protein of choice on top with a side of sesame mush broccoli.

I actually really enjoyed my meal. The sauce mellowed out a lot and was pretty flavorful. I think z’s meal was a little dry and I felt bad, but he never complains.

After I cleaned up, I made a bowl of vanilla ice cream with fresh blueberries for us to share:

Dessert was perfectly delicious…guess I couldn’t really screw that up! I guess the night wasn’t a complete failure.

We ended up falling asleep on the couch until about 10:30 and then we got into bed. I was groggy and wanting to skip teeth brushing, but…that’s gross. Unfortunately, I woke up at 3:30am again because of my stupid hands. Poor z stayed awake with me while I tried to get comfortable…I know we’ll both be tired today. Good thing he got up and made coffee (so sweet)!

After z left for work, I got my butt out of bed and made breakfast. The plain yogurt container had a few tablespoons left, so I figured I’d make my breakfast in there.

First, I added honey to the yogurt since it “tastes like ass” according to hpants. Then I added my new cereal, a splash of soymilk (to soften it), and then I ground up some flax seeds and walnuts to put on top. It was amazing!

I still feel a little congested but the cold seems to be going away a little each day. I’m really contemplating going to the doctor about my hands, but there is so little time before vacation…eek!

Also, I took one Tylenol Daytime Cold pill (1/2 the dosage) and still feel groggy. I thought that stuff was supposed to be non-drowsy!?

Time to focus on my Thursday. See you later for lunch, dinner and hopefully the gym!

non drowsy in an apartment near Chinatown.


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