Guest Post: Mama Chinatown

I got an email from my mom this morning with a subject saying “If I could Blog…”


Ramblings From a Town Between Rockville and Gaithersburg
This past Friday – New Years Day 2010 – My sweet hubby and I celebrated our 22nd Anniversary. For New Year’s Eve, he made a delicious dinner of Turkey Lasagna and a fresh garden salad and our favorite Fresh Ice Tea. We ate in the dining room with our Christmas China and stemware and of course, we had candle light. He also surprised me and bought me flowers and a very nice card.

On Saturday, we went to watch our nephew play in a basketball tournament. Our sweet daughter, met us at a local metro stop and had made us a lovely Anniversary Cake. It had 5 little gingerbread people representing our family. And it was DELICIOUS!

I am glad others in my family like to cook.
I could ramble more, but… that’s it for now.


Isn’t my mom the coolest? I love my parents so much.

Thanks for the post, mom!


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