Workout Week.

I’m glad I made it to the gym last night even though it’s FREEZING outside. I did a nice two miles on the treadmill followed by a lot of good stretching, abs and push ups. I’d say it was about a 45 minute workout. I didn’t want to over do it because I have Bootcamp tonight!

For some reason, I was really hungry after the gym, even though I had a zbar 20 minutes before I left, and my dinner was only a few hours before that! I hate going to bed hungry, so I made a small snack of FF cottage cheese with sriracha and regular hot sauce and some carrots for dipping. I really loved this combination! I’d say it was around a 100-115 calorie snack. Not too bad and really delicious.

For breakfast this morning, I had some FF Plain Chobani with a ripe banana and some new cereal that was on sale (14oz for $2.50). It was ok, but I think I miss my soymilk because it makes the flakes softer, and the plain yogurt needed some honey. It still held me over until Noon (except for a clementine to ward off some sniffles) which is awesome.

Lunch today is a lentil creation I made last night. First, I sautéed a small yellow onion, some garlic and a tomato with olive oil, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. I stirred in my cooked lentils to this mixture and then wilted a few handfuls of spinach. I put some fresh spinach in the bottom of my container and topped it with my lentils. I put a packet of Chinese mustard on top for a little zing. It was really good.

I also had a kiwi for more Vitamin C:

Look at the green juice!

Had to perforate the kiwi with a fork first then use the plastic knife to cut it open. Surgery success!

hpants and I have decided to go to  the gym every day this week since I’m leaving for St. John on Saturday!

Saturday: Done

Sunday: Done

Monday: Bootcamp

Tuesday: Treadmill (hopefully more than two miles) and Abs

Wednesday: Weights/Strength Training/Elliptical

Thursday: Pilates or Zumba

Friday: 15 minute Abs class and cross ramp machine

I hope I can do this. These sniffles better not turn into anything that even remotely resembles a cold! I will not stand for it!

sniffling in an apartment near Chinatown.


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