Sushi and a Sleepover.

I’m so late with this post!

Wednesday night, hpants, L, and I went to get sushi for dinner.

Shrimp and veggie tempura!

Enough sushi for an army…or three girls ;)

L was talking about these as we were walking out, and we saw it! Too bad its arm didn’t move!

She totally wanted to take it home…

This is what hpants and I woke up to on Thursday morning:

Her wish before bed was that we wouldn’t have to go to work and could relax with coffee and oatmeal…She got her wish!

We mixed in a little caramel and milk chocolate cocoa into our coffee! What a treat!

hpants made this delicious oatmeal with a melted pear, walnuts and coconut! (horrible picture)

In action.

We had a lovely sleepover but I had to head back to DC, so I got dressed and shoveled out my car.

NYE Celebration recap coming next :)


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