Pizza Identity Crisis.

Around 4:40 I had my afternoon snack. Carrots and a light LC wedge

Almost half of this REALLY SWEET yogurt (didn’t want to spoil my dinner):

So, what’s for dinner on a cold lonely night in December? Pizza and salad…sort of.

I had some 99 cent Trader Joe’s WW Pizza Dough (you really can’t go into TJ’s without getting it).

I didn’t have anything else for pizza. I had one jar of tomato paste, some fresh basil and oregano…so I put all that in a saucepan with some water and brought it to a simmer while the oven was pre-heating.

Also while waiting for the oven…I dumped some mixed greens in a bowl and topped it with some “pizza sauce.” I’m so weird when I’m hungry.

I stretched out the dough into two circle pans.

Put the “sauce” on top, topped one with cheddar and one with Dubliner. HAHA! This poor pizza was so confused…

I put it back into my “salad” bowl (because I feel like I’m always doing dishes) and topped it with some fresh basil!

Actually…not too bad. The cheddar melted really well, the fresh basil brightened the flavor and the dough is ohhh so good :)

I also took a bite of the Dubliner pizza. Not bad, not great.

For “dessert” I had some apple chips and seltzer water :)

I’m disgustingly full right now. Whole wheat dough is so dense and delicious! No more consumption for the night!

I’m still contemplating going to the gym. I think I’ll digest, vacuum and then reassess…

feeling full in an apartment near Chinatown.


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