The Christmas Stretch.

Even though I had a relatively big lunch, I still needed my snack a little after 4 yesterday. I told hpants that I was really hungry and she reminded me that my stomach was still stretched out from the holiday eating! Duh…

I had a zbar and a clementine…followed by another clementine!

I got home a little after 6 and was…hungry! What a shock. I really didn’t want to eat until after Bootcamp, but that wasn’t happening, so I broke into more of my leftovers:

I started eating it right out of the container, but the rice was gross, so I had to microwave it. Much better. I also had a piece of cheese and some dried apples.

Bootcamp was awesome, but really, really hard! My body is pretty sore today…especially my shoulders! I’m really glad I went (as usual).

I stopped by the store after the gym for some more veggies, salad, and soy milk. I ended up getting a box of Shredded Minis – Blueberry Burst for $1.65! Crazy. I had a mini bowl of that when I got home from the gym last night and then a bigger bowl for breakfast this morning. Crunchy and tasty!

No mms today because I had coffee and an OJ spritzer (lemon lime seltzer water with a splash of OJ).

Because of my abundant Christmas leftovers, I offered to make lunch for hpants. We had ravioli lasagna on top of mixed greens and split a clementine :)

Since we have a half day on Thursday, I’m staying at her house tomorrow night and we’re having a sushi/movie date!

No plans for tonight. The only question…to gym or not to gym!? I’m sore-ish but don’t know the next time I’ll be able to go…

achy breaky body in an apartment near Chinatown.

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