Sunday Excitement.

I’m excited because my TV decided to get CBS today which means I get to watch my Steelers play the Ravens!

I’m excited because z comes home today and I get to pick him up from the airport for a sleepover!

I’m excited because I filled all four of my dehydrator trays today and can’t wait to snack!

I’m excited because it still looks and smells like Christmas in my apartment!

I’m excited because this week is a short week at work!

I’m excited because I have enough leftovers that I won’t have to make lunch for work!

I had a piece of FF/SF angel food cake with plain greek yogurt, walnuts, stewed berries, and honey!

While I was getting my fruit and veggies prepped for the dehydrator, I snacked on carrots and hummus.

For lunch I had a piece of cheese and this leftover salad with balsamic vinaigrette!

Look at my dehydrator trays!

Cranberries and clementines!

Apples with lemon juice!

Blanched baby carrots!


Can I really wait 10 hours!?

It’s 3pm, the Steelers are tied in third quarter…I really need to go to the gym so I can get z at 5pm. After my holiday consumption, not going to the gym is not an option. Guess I’ll get my clothes on now…

recovering in an apartment near Chinatown.


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