Merry Christmas!

Starbucks on Christmas morning has been a tradition for a few years now. I feel bad that they’re open, but I love my soy mistos :)

We like our coffee!

Dad’s making breakfast!

Mom loves her mocha!

Jah is goofy!

The birdman didn’t want to participate in my picture taking…

Mom made this breakfast pizza with crescent rolls, hashbrowns, eggs, cheddar and sausage. I obviously didn’t eat any, but it looked good.

I had plain hashbrowns with ketchup and hot sauce along with two pancakes and syrup!

My parents always have a beautiful tree!

My dad and I were rocking some flannel pjs’.

I love my new Starbucks cup! It’s adorable!

New Nike workout top, fuzzy socks, puppy book…

Family started coming over at Noon. This is my awesome grandma! Look at her outfit!

Me and my twin cousin.

Family pictures!

So sweet!

After we ate, we played the re-gift game. Look at all those presents!

My beautiful family :)

My oldest brother and his wife (my new sister)!

Pop Pop’s house

Opening gifts. Snuggies were popular this year…Good thing I didn’t get another!

I had a wonderful Christmas with my whole family. They’re a little loud, a lot crazy, and all amazing :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Merry Christmas from an apartment near Chinatown!


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