Christmas Eve 2009

I got all showered and dressed up so I could head to my parents for Christmas Eve. We stopped at the nursing home first to visit my aunt. We were happy to spend some time with her.

Apparently she saw the Snuggie infomercial and told my mom “Denise needs to have a Snuggie.” So that’s exactly what I got!

Zeus got a snuggie too!

After our nice visit, we stayed true to our tradition of “finding whatever’s open” for dinner. This was a really nice Mexican/Latin American restaurant.

I love complimentary chips and salsa!! The chips were hot and the salsa was really thick and tomatoey :)

I got the vegetarian chile rellenos. I’d never had them before but they were fresh, lightly fried and a little spicy! I didn’t eat everything because it’s obviously a huge portion, but I ate both the chiles and some of the rice/beans.

For dessert, the five of us split the chocolate mousse cake.

That cake didn’t stand a chance!

Thanks for dinner Mom and Dad!

The Family :)


“Little” Bro!

Bulletin from Christmas Eve service at my parents new church!

When we got home, we played a game of sequence and I fell asleep at the kitchen table in my Snuggie. Pathetic.

Be back for a Christmas recap :)

Merry Christmas!


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