almost vacation.

I didn’t end up doing yoga last night, real shocker there. I’m definitely going to the gym today though since I’m leaving work early and going to z’s tonight :)

Breakfast was half a zbar, half of this unripe guy:

and half of this guy:

For lunch, hpants and I went on a little sushi date! We each got the lunch special that came with miso soup, a salad and 2 huge rolls :)


 hpants got a spicy tuna roll and a Philadelphia roll.

 I got an avocado roll and an asparagus roll.

We were members of the clean plate bamboo board club :) Everything was really tasty and it was such a good deal! We had fun ;)

It’s after 2:30pm on the day before vacation. My eyes are closing and I’m ready to leave.

getting anxious in an apartment near Chinatown.


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