I’m working from home today. Something I never do. Thank God for internet. I just didn’t feel like battling the ice skating rink my parking lot.

Last night I made rice krispie treats in the microwave. So easy.

All cut up, ready to go to the office!

Of course I had one three.

I also had some of these. Delicious, but addicting. That bag is nearing the end…

Breakfast: Oats with cashew butter and strawberry preserves. They were really sweet, but tasty!

Lunch was an egg white sandwich with a slice of cheddar, some spinach and ketchup! MM MM!

Then there were more pita chips. Ugh.

I got all the work done that I wanted to, so I’m happy about that. I need to get to the gym, get showered, start my veggies and get ready for tonight’s holiday dinner party with z and friends :) I’m taking the metro, so I have to be time-conscious.

I’ll be back tomorrow!

working from home in an apartment near Chinatown.


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