crazy birds.

The party on Friday was a lot of fun. It had already started to snow when z and I walked from the parking garage. We left the party a little after two and by then, there was quite a bit of snow on the ground! We couldn’t get a cab, and I didn’t feel like making a long trek to z’s house, so we walked to the metro. Once we got to the station, we checked to see when the last train was: 2:45. We checked the clock: 2:43. We just barely made the last train! Holy cow, that was close! We got home from the party after 3:30 and I decided it was a good time to make a snow angel. In a dress. Ha!

We definitely slept in on Saturday morning!

That’s my metro stop!

So beautiful!

There were some insane birds on the National Mall yesterday during the blizzard. They were swarming around, not sure what to do about the foot of snow on the ground. When we knelt down, they approached us and even nibbled our gloves. Weird!

We stopped by the store to get some food since we hadn’t had breakfast and it was past Noon.

When we got home, we obviously had to have hot chocolate!

I had Amy’s Veggie soup and some mac and cheese with salad on top. I gave most of the mac to z. It was $RICH$.

z had mac and cheese with a ham sandwich.

After lunch we took a nice nap on the couch and when we got up we went to another store for dinner supplies and a movie rental.

This was the only evidence left of dinner…oops!

We watched Gran Torino after dinner and…fell asleep on the couch after it was over. We were such bums!

For breakfast on Sunday, we had cinnamon rolls, a grapefruit and coffee!

What a weekend! The snow is beautiful and it was awesome to be holed up with z for a few days :) We definitely had some cabin fever by Sunday afternoon though!!

Hope everyone stayed safe and warm.

cozy in an apartment near Chinatown.


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