I didn’t get to the gym last night because I was at my parents doing laundry and eating candy until 9:30, which means I didn’t get home until 10pm.

My parents house is kind of a temptation zone for me, so I tried to be mindful about what I was eating. For dinner I had leftover rice (white, bleh) and an entire bag of steamed broccoli (~4cups) with some soy sauce. The broccoli didn’t all fit in the first bowl, so I had to have another small bowl (with a little more rice). I also snacked on a few tortilla chips and salsa while the broccoli was cooking.

As usual, my sweet tooth knew we were at my parents, so it really kicked in: 2 PB cookies, 4 mint truffle kisses, 1 mini reese’s cup, and one mini twix! Yikes! My stomach felt huge. Bleh.

I was so exhausted when I got home, but I still had to carry my laundry in, make my lunch and get ready for Wednesday. I was still in bed before 11 though, phew.

My new phone has some wacky ringtones, so the one I set for my alarm this morning really freaked me out!

I got up and had a bowl of Special K Red Berries (no idea it had HFCS) with a huge banana and unsweetened soy. I also had a cup of apple cider to wash down my multivitamin and vitamin C.

Now I’m drinking office crap coffee and getting  my thoughts organized. The entire ride into work was a “re-focus pep talk.” I’ve been eating more sweets than normal and not working out as much or as hard as I should be. I was doing really well for a while, lost some weight and was feeling good, but now I feel the winter blues coming on and I think I gained a pound or two. I know that working out should be my main focus, since I really do eat pretty healthy most of the time (see candy consumption above). I love classes at the gym, but there are very few classes that fit my schedule which means I need to still get to the gym and work myself out. I don’t want to wait until after the holidays, because the up and downs are not good for your body. Also…I have to be in a bikini on January 9th! St. John, here we come :)

Ok, let’s talk giveaways for a second:

Iowa Girl Eats is giving away bags of Food Should Taste Good chips. Yum!

It’s time to focus. The end.

the game face is on in an apartment near Chinatown.


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