In a fog.

It was cold and really foggy this morning. z had to scrape my windshield before I could drive…

Not only is it foggy outside, but it’s foggy in my head too. I’m exhausted and can barely keep my eyeballs open! We watched the Giants-Eagles game last night with some of z’s friends. We had delicious pizza, beer, hummus, veggies, cupcakes and cookies! The only thing about Sunday Night Football is that the games don’t end until around Midnight, and then we had to clean up. We didn’t get to bed until after 1am. z’s going out of town for a few days, so I got to take home a lot of goodies (blackberries, cheese, salad, etc)!

I didn’t really take pictures Saturday or Sunday (maybe for the best).

These are the thumbprints with organic strawberry preserves and a few of the chocolate peppermint ones:  

The thumbprints were my favorite which really surprised me.

No-bake Key Lime Snowballs:

Holiday containers with cookies! I managed to give two of the three away this weekend!  

This is my new treat. It’s thick and really sweet – a little goes a long way:  


More weekend recap:

Drove up to PA on Saturday for a baby shower. It was a long drive but I had a really great time. I attempted to have breakfast before I left, but used a not-so-ripe banana in my oats and they were ruined. After a few bites they got tossed. So I just had coffee and one snowball for breakfast. I packed a zBar and an apple for the drive. I ate the apple and half the bar after the first hour of driving. At the shower I had a diet coke, and ate solely off the appetizer tray (hummus, asparagus, artichokes, olive spread and fruit). I ate 3/4 of a piece of chocolate cake (no icing) while the presents were being opened. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous house. I’m really glad I went. When I got in the car at 4:30…I was starving, so I ate the rest of the zBar. I then proceeded to drive 15 minutes in the wrong direction which frustrated me, but I still made great time heading to my parents.

I got to their house at 7pm and played with Zeus:

z got there at around 7:30 and we ate Chinese food that my parents had ordered. I really can’t remember the last time I had Chinese takeout. It was good, but really salty! I had veggie lomein, szechuan tofu (spicy!), a veggie spring roll and a fortune cookie. When I finished, I propped my legs up on z and slumped back in my chair…z said “do you have a food coma??” haha yes, I did. We played Sequence and BuzzWord until about 12:30 and knew we had to get going. We got home a little after one and went to bed. What a long but fun day!

We slept in until 9:30 on Sunday which felt really good. z picked up a grapefruit and newspaper at the store while I made coffee and organized the kitchen. We read the paper, ate grapefruit and I had half a sandwich thin with my new vanilla cranberry PB. It was good and I saw little red specs, but I couldn’t really taste cranberry or vanilla. Odd.

A little after z left, I ate some leftover chinese and a cookie.  I know I did other snacking, but can’t really remember. I made mashed cauliflower and packed my lunch then went to the gym. I did the elliptical, bosu abs, squats and lunges with the body bar and some arms. Then I had to shower and pack for z’s.

Moving back to today:

B: Chia pudding (chia seeds, soymilk and cinnamon) with a banana and office crap coffee


MMS: Cup of blackberries with three cubes of cheddar cheese


I’ll be back for lunch and dinner after Bootcamp!

Let’s talk giveaways:

Newman’s Own giveaway by vegan-minded Jessie

Bora Bora giveaway by Loves Veggies and Yoga

feelin’ foggy in an apartment near Chinatown.

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