When I got on the highway last night, traffic was stopped! The radio said a tractor trailer had spilled its contents and they shut down the road. I didn’t feel like having my foot on the clutch for two hours, so I got off at the first exit and went to my parents house. My two cousins and little brother were there playing Wii. I scrounged for some food and made a quick dinner.

Mixed greens with two tomatoes and swiss cheese. Scrambled egg sandwich with cheddar on whole wheat. This meal FAILED. The salad was old and nasty, so I threw most of it away. The bread fell apart instantly, so I just ate the eggs and cheese.

 I tried to put salsa on top of the salad, but it didn’t help, at all!

 I felt so defeated that I went straight to dessert. Mini-bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with a warm chocolate chip cookie! This more than made up for dinner!

After this…my sweet tooth went out of control and I took a bite of another cookie, had a mini blueberry muffin and a handful of chocolate covered peanuts. GEEZ!

I grabbed a mug of hot tea so I could watch the Steelers and stay away from the sweets. I really enjoyed this flavor (especially in my mom’s holiday mug)!

I got home close to 10 and had so much to do! I knew I needed to roast some veggies and do dishes and open packages and organize holiday gifts and get ready for work…

Roasted carrots and cauliflower with EVOO, black pepper and cajun seasoning…


…in a 400 degree oven…

…until they’re tender and brown enough ;)

I was in bed around midnight and woke up…later than usual. I wasn’t too worried about getting to work on time since I worked overtime. I ate a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch! for breakfast, showered and headed to work.


feels like winter in an apartment near Chinatown.


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