“It’s almost like cacciatore!”

I battled some rush hour traffic and made it to z’s by 7:45 last night. He had done the prep work for dinner, so all we had to do was cook! He cut up orange and red bell peppers, an onion, and fresh oregano. We sautéed the veggies in butter (he had an empty bottle of EVOO on the counter, haha), warmed up some “spicy red bell pepper” tomato sauce with oregano and parmesan and cooked a pound of angel hair pasta. After the veggies were done, z used the pan to brown up some buffalo chicken sausage. Once they were almost done, he deglazed the pan with some beer. It smelled really good (no, not good enough to eat)! We added the veggies to the sauce and were ready to eat!

Here’s the table:

My plate:

We actually opened the bottle of wine after I took the pictures, but before we started eating. It’s a pinot noir, though the camera flash decided to erase that from the bottle!

I couldn’t finish my plate, but it was really, really good. The fresh oregano really made the dish! Last time we had this z said “it’s almost like cacciatore,” and…last night he said it again. HAHA! He’s too funny!

After dinner, he wrapped me in two blankets and asked me to relax while he cleaned up (sweet boy). Then…he brought out heaven in a bowl for us to share! Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream with fresh raspberries and hot fudge! Are you kidding me!? It was amazing and I almost died after every bite! Food coma set in shortly after and it was bedtime!

When the alarm went off this morning, it was dark and felt like 4am. Sometimes I exaggerate when it comes to waking up…because as you know, I love bed. It was a little easier to get up when my nose got a whiff of the auto-brew downstairs. Coffee will always get me out of bed. We had coffee and raspberries (2 pints gone in 12 hours) and then it was time to go. I left armed with a SUPER ripe banana and clementine for my real breakfast, courtesy of the zboy.

As I was putting my lunch in the fridge at work, I noticed my vanilla yogurt from yesterday.

Instant, delicious breakfast:

 Sliced up that nanner and put it in the yogurt! Yummy.

Lunch today is a funny salad “creation.” I have had a head of cauliflower in my fridge for a few days and wanted to use some. I broke the whole thing into florets, rinsed them and threw a handful into boiling water. Once they got soft, I took them out and put them on a bed of spinach. I knew I had to add more because it looked pathetic. I topped it with the rest of my dried crans and walnuts with honey mustard dressing. hpants and I are eating at “home” today instead of walking to WF. It’s too darn cold. hpants’ “manly creation” made it into the picture again, but somehow her face keeps escaping!

After lunch, we walked downstairs to put away her lunch bag, and someone had Target Trail Mix…of course we took a handful (and a mini-piece of peppermint bark)! I came back and drank a mug of pumpkin spice tea. Perfect :)

Steelers play on NFL Network tonight – BOOO! I probably won’t watch, but I might actually try to make it to Zumba for the first time in a while.

I’ll be back after dinner and the gym.

satisfied in an apartment near Chinatown.


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