Furniture Frustration.

I need to continue yesterday’s events…

I had my snack close to 5pm. Two bites of oatmeal and a banana yogurt:

I asked my dad to meet me at Target so we could return two pieces of furniture I ordered online. The lady asked the reason for the return and I said…”The economy?” It turned out I could only return one of the two pieces to the store. The other piece (biggest and heaviest, of course) had to be shipped back! Really!? This thing weighs as much as I do, how am I supposed to ship it. UGH!

We took the one piece, put it back in my dad’s truck and went to Corner Bakery. I got the soup/salad combo (Greek salad/tomato basil soup). Look at all the bread! Two rolls and croutons! I ate one piece of bread, all the croutons and wrapped the second piece for later.

Pretty crunchy, veggie packed salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, artichokes and olives. Not bad.

My dad loves broccoli cheddar soup, especially when you have the option of getting it in a bread bowl! He was on the phone with UPS figuring out if he could drop the package off. Nice dad :)

 I CRUSHED that salad.

I went back to Target after dinner because I “needed” a few things and ended up buying a LOT of things.

Replenished my PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, had to have this cool Vanilla Cranberry PB, on sale eight grain crackers and some raw, unsalted almonds.

Seasonal yogurt!!! These were $0.47! Cheapest yogurt I’ve seen! Bread Pudding (made with apples and raisins), Strawberry Cheesecake and Pumpkin Pie. Can’t wait to try them :)

My dad called and said they wanted 80 bucks to ship the packaged and I was like “I only paid around 100 for it, so NO WAY!” He agreed. I got home from Target, went online and arranged for UPS to pick it up at my parents house. They said they’ll take the shipping cost out of my refund, but then they never told me how much it would be. I was frustrated beyond belief. My dad says I get so frustrated because of my expectations…and when they’re not met I get angry. I tried to calm myself down with my “perspective talk” but I was mad! My mom called (not having known about the ordeal) and started asking about it…and I was getting more upset. Sometimes I’m nuts.

me: I’m going to the gym.

mom: now? It’s almost 9:00.

me: yes, now because I’m fat and frustrated, but I’m more frustrated than I am fat.

mom: you’re not fat.

me: I said I was more frustrated than I am fat.

mom: you’re not fat.

me: I know but I have to go to the gym and work off my frustration.

mom: It worries me that you think you’re fat. But go to the gym and feel better.

me: love you.

mom: love you.

She knows I get like this when I’m frustrated. I say stupid things…and this was all over what? A piece of furniture? I need to lower my expectations when it comes to things that aren’t very important.

So I jogged to the gym (in the rain sleet). At 9pm. To work off my furniture frustration. I did an HPANTS EXCLUSIVE workout on the elliptical. Someday I”ll be up to her level, but today I modified it quite a bit, which is actually the nice thing about her workout.

I set the elliptical to a hill workout for 30 minutes. I started at level 5 and every 2 minutes I would bump it up a level until I got to level 10. Then I went back down to 5 and then back up to 10. I listened to the *NSYNC Christmas album and watched SYTYCD. It was a really good workout though my pace wasn’t that great. I did a little over 3 miles (uphill) in 30 minutes. It felt good to sweat and realize that the things I was freaking out about were out of my control. BREATHE. Thanks hpants for the good workout idea.

So you’d think after all those carbs, I’d be good for the night…NOPE. I ate the other roll with some honey after I got back from the gym!

So after all that…I washed some dishes and talked to my cute boyfriend. Two things that lowered my stress level even more. He said “wow, you freaked out a lot today” hahaha and he was right. But then I was fine :) <3

a little crazy in an apartment near Chinatown.

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