pizza dilemma.

I got up with my alarm today (shocking!) which meant I wasn’t rushed. I got to sit down at my table with a cup of tea and some apple cider for breakfast. Very nice!

Traffic was a breeze this morning which I was very grateful for.

MMS: Gala Apple…it was really, really crunchy, but didn’t have much flavor. I need more Honeycrisps in my life!

Just like every other day, I packed my lunch today (leftover couscous with spinach). However, apparently we’re having a group meeting at Noon, and pizza is provided. Dilemma: Do I leave my lunch in the fridge for tomorrow and take advantage of the FREE pizza and soda? I just had the pizza/soda combo on Friday and although it was delcious…it’s not exactly the healthiest option for me.  Since my switch back to eating dairy, I LOVE PIZZA! I guess that’s my answer…

One piece veggie, one piece white and a diet coke (and two small cookies!). Here is my horrible attempt at being stealth with my crackberry in my group meeting:

I’m hoping this means I don’t need an afternoon snack…but just in case, I have some oatmeal leftover from this morning’s massive bowl. Only time will tell…

full for now in an apartment near Chinatown.


One thought on “pizza dilemma.

  1. The cookies are delicious. Right now there are more sweets in our house then the norm. The norm is often ice cream only or occasional cookies.
    You have an eye for photographing food.
    Try some people shots as well.

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