Loony Lunes.

It was indeed a crazy Monday. When I got out of bed this morning, I had emails on my crackberry that needed to be addressed right away. This meant I had to rush into the office. I didn’t even use conditioner in the shower (I figured knotty hair was better than dirty hair)!

At least I had time for breakfast! Oats (soy/water), whole banana and cashew butter! On the side, I took vitamin C and a multi-vitamin with a few sips of OJ (cute cordial glass).

My lunch today was an odd “creation.” I roasted an acorn squash and made a cup of couscous. I wasn’t sure how I was going to mix these two starches together…so I got some smart balance out and mashed the squash. Then I grated some fresh Romano cheese and added an entire can of sweet peas. I guess I was going for a risotta-ish dish. It turned into a blob. But it was pretty tasty after I doused it in hot sauce ;)

Even though this was a late lunch due to this morning’s insanity, I was munchy around 3:30, so I had a Yumberry Grapefruit yogurt. I’m never buying this brand again, I don’t care how cheap it is.

I’ll be eating that z bar around 5:15 so I’m not starving during Bootcamp at 7:30.

What else??

  • I rented “The Ugly Truth” last night. There were a few good “laugh out loud” parts and I mostly enjoyed the movie except for a few raunchy comments.
  • I love the Christmas season.
  • Steelers are terrible.
  • Check this out: My brother’s song “Lullaby” from his composition “The Garden of Paradise” is featured on this cd by the Grammy Award-winning Chanticleer!

staying sane in an apartment near Chinatown.

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