Lazy Day.

z and I went to Legal Sea Foods in Chinatown last night. z ordered the Blackened Raw Tuna “Sashimi” (pan seared and sliced with sesame chili vinaigrette, seaweed salad and wasabi) for an appetizer, so I had a bite. I rarely try seafood, but this was really good. For dinner, I ordered a glass of pinot grigio and the Tortilla, Apple and Goat Cheese Salad (tortilla strips, granny smith apples, goat cheese, chopped avocado, roasted red peppers and chipotle orange dressing). It was amazing!

After dinner we hopped on the metro to meet up with some friends at a re-Thanksgiving party. It was a lot of fun. Lots of shots and beer and shots and beer! Let’s just say we had an early morning hydration session, then slept in super late!

z went out and got the Post, a grapefruit, a doughnut (for him, hehe) and some blackberries. I made some coffee and toasted a bagel (for myself). I love Sunday mornings afternoons :)

z sectioned my grapefruit. Look at his presentation skills!

After the Redskins game, z left, I had about an hour of work to do and then I ate dinner. Egg whites with salsa on a toasted bagel. Two bagels in one day probably fills my carb quota for the week! Yum!

Roasted carrots with ketchup!

Finished dinner off with a few bites of my vegan chocolate ice cream then made my lunch for tomorrow. I can see some hot tea in my future…

Not ready for the weekend to be over :(

feelin’ cozy in an apartment near Chinatown.

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