quince horas.

Yes, a 15 hour work day.

I should be sleeping and not blogging but I’m mad at myself. I should have gone to z’s after work since it was 11:30, but instead I decided to meet up with friends in DC. Only it didn’t work out that way…I drove back to DC (knowing I should have taken care of z), walked to the bar, and wasn’t allowed in because it was so crowded. I didn’t hear from my friend…so I walked home. Now I’m in bed, by myself, ashamed of my dinner, annoyed that I didn’t work out and over-stimulated from work.

**end of pity party**

Honestly, working late tonight means that I don’t have to work Saturday or Sunday…which is AMAZING. I really shouldn’t be complaining at all. I mean…it’s Friday and pay day and I had a sleepover last night and I have a job and my life is really good :)

Please look at my pathetic dinner. Hey it was free, we were working late…and it felt like a middle school birthday party!

Pizza and soda! Yikes!

peace from an apartment near Chinatown.


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