Vitamin D

I didn’t really want to blog today…but then I was inspired by my new site, so here I am.
I took a picture of my breakfast but not my lunch. Weird for me…
Breakfast was oatmeal with cashew butter and cranberries(no banana because I ran out) Also, that’s a side of salt water that I gargled over the sink because I chewed the heck out of my cheek and it’s sore!
I bought a bunch of bananas at WF today after hpants and I ate lunch. We finally got some Vitamin D on our walk since the weather was cooperating. My lunch salad was really beautiful (hpants said so)…Spinach, apple, cranberries, walnuts and Dijon Honey Mustard dressing. Followed shortly by some diet dr pepper medicine which made me a little hyper.
This was my view today! Beautiful!
At 3:30, I felt mr. hunger! I tried to tell him to go away, but what belly wants, belly gets. So it got some FF cottage cheese and apple butter! 

No idea what’s for dinner…
I ended up doing a 20-minute detox yoga podcast last night. I thought it was a video podcast, but it was AUDIO! AHHHH! I actually think I did a good job based on the teacher’s explanation and my limited knowledge of yoga. It felt amazing! Look at my little makeshift yoga studio!

I finally put my ornaments on the tree and dressed up my tv chest. Hi Christmas, see you soon :)
Short post tonight! Gym, dinner, shower, project at z’s.
holler from an apartment near Chinatown.

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