Dusting off the Blog Dump.

Guys. I stopped blogging for like…8 months. I think this was my longest hiatus since I started writing some form of web journal/blog in 2004.

I’m in the process of importing my old blogs from LiveJournal and Blogspot to this blog so I can have them all together. It has been fun re-reading the old blogs!

You’ll be seeing a lot of posts that have been stuck in my draft folder as I try to get “up to date” — no promises on consistent blogging but I’m hoping I can get back on the train!

<3 <3



Weekend Things.

So, we were supposed to go camping this weekend. The heat and expected storms had us thinking it might not be a good idea to take the pup on his first camping trip…

Instead, my husband talked me into a 3-hour bike ride! Oh man, it was HOT!

hot ride

We stopped after an hour and a half for a beer! This is actually the way he convinced me to even get on the bike…

bike beer

Caboose Brewing Co. – Citra Wheat for me and Car Hopper IPA for z

caboose brews

We left at 3:30pm and didn’t get home until 7pm! We were sweaty and hungry! After quick showers, we headed out for dinner at Mussel Bar — yum!!

The rest of the weekend looked like this:

pup on porch


blueberry apricot

fruit roll

honey pancakes

chia pudding

slow cook

Blueberry Apricot fruit rolls, dried apples, coconut oil pancakes with honey, coconut chia seed pudding, and BBQ chicken in the crock pot (for z)!

What did YOU do this weekend?

Sunday Porch Dinner.


We had our buddies, T&E,  over for dinner last night. It was such a nice night!





T&E brought corn salad and deviled eggs which were both awesome. We grilled steak and mushrooms and also had corn muffins and mint tea! It was so good!



Dessert was some fruit with homemade whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs.

It was so nice to sit out on the porch and have a leisurely dinner with good friends.

I <3 Summer!

Yoga and Other Things.


I did some “hot” yoga on Saturday morning. We have a great screened-in porch and I always thought it would be fun to do yoga out there. We also got new speakers put in, so I listened to some Jeff Beck while doing a good 35 minute session. It was amazing.






Surprise – I got another tattoo! Yes, another! Most people actually don’t know that I have tattoos because none of them are visible with regular clothes on. This new one makes number 3! 

Other things of note:


Coffee on weekend mornings on the porch.


Turnips in the garden.


Mixed berry, mint, and coconut water smoothie.


Quinoa “Chipotle” Bowls.


Rockin’ Chocolate from one of favorite rockstars!


Banh Mi sandwiches: Roast Beef for z and Tuna for me!

On a very exciting final note: My brother got engaged on Saturday!! YAY!! So happy for my brother and Audrey!

J and A Engaged

Cottage Weekend // Chesapeake Bay

Friday night, we went out to dinner after what felt like a busy week! We got a drink at Twisted Vines before heading to dinner at Red Rocks. I love our neighborhood!


We came home and rented McFarland,USA with the pup!


We had quite the leisurely start to our Saturday morning. Eventually, we packed our stuff, dropped the pup off to hang with his grandpa and headed down to the Chesapeake Bay!


We stayed with some friends in their bay side cottage and it was just beautiful!


It was practically in the bay! We walked out on the back deck and saw this:


I didn’t take any other pictures because I was relaxing and enjoying my time eating, talking, and finding shark teeth!

We came home Sunday afternoon because we needed to yard work, house clean up and prep for the week. Hi little baby bunny!


I came home to an awesome surprise! A handmade quilt from my aunt who lives in NC. She used beautiful, retro-inspired fabric and I just love it! It gives a great pop of color to our gray couch.


There were specific instructions in her note to share with Louis…He approves!


We had so much rain last week and now the sun is out so our garden is super happy!




Z grilled last night and we had a big salad with the spicy radishes from our garden!


Usher Farm for the win!!


Back to the work week! As the summer goes on, the weekends get busier and busier! My June weekends are full already:

1st Weekend: Cottage

2nd Weekend: Pride Parade

3rd Weekend: Pike-a-Palooza // Columbia Pike Blues Festival

4th Weekend: Miami with Mom to visit A, S, and CARTER!! He turns 1 this week! I can’t wait to cuddle him <3

Weekend Fun and Other Things.

This is a random weekend post from this past weekend.

My weekend started on Friday, because I had the day off from work! My morning starting with 3/4 of the G’s! The occasion? Big M was graduating from preschool! Little M and I hung out in the back…with a snack catcher!

  D and Maddie maddieIMG_3958Miles graduates

Z and I ordered food in on Friday night and I got a treat: Coconut Bubble Tea!! It was super sweet and I mainly ate the tapioca and turned the coconut milk in to ice cubes for iced coffee.

coconut bubble tea

On Saturday, z and I ran a bunch of errands separately — I saw this sleeping bag but resisted the urge to buy it.walking bag

z brought home a bunch of beautiful flowers and a free bag of….lady bugs! So weird.


I got a free sample of Everlast Vegan Protein in the mail over the weekend and it made a nice addition to my morning smoothie!

 vegan protein powder sample

Saturday evening, we headed in to DC for a cookout with some friends — my contribution was banana pudding which brought back tons of childhood memories! We had a great time hanging out on the back deck and playing with silly Baxter!

  banana pudding  oh baxter

On Sunday, I woke up earlier than normal and worked on a few projects. The first was Martha’s pita bread (it came with a nice photo tutorial).

how to - pita dough starter dough dough ball pitas before bakingbaked pita

We had unexpected company on Sunday night after an event at Citywide with Colt McCoy from the Redskins. Mom, Dad, Jaybird, and Tony Bologna joined us for homemade pita bread, fresh salad, hummus, and paprika shrimp (also Martha).

impromptu dinner party medi feast

Speaking of Jaybird — he texted me to say that he’d be showing up to my house in an “unrecognizable SUV” but I didn’t think he meant a freakin’ Benz! That kid is doing big things… I’m mostly proud and only slightly jealous!

jason new car

I roasted a bunch of eggplant on Sunday that I had frozen last month (Thanks to TJs/Mom and Dad). It turned out ok, but was a little watery due to the freezing process. This is my new lunch box/bento — it comes with an insulated sleeve that fits really nicely into my backpack.


On an unrelated note — I just put this in my calendar and I’m thinking about getting a HP tattoo. Nerd alert.


DC/VA Tattoo recommendations are welcome!

Pike Family Holiday Dinner 2014!

Oh neglected blog. I found this in my draft folder from December…oops! I always document the Pike Family Dinner but forgot to hit publish. Better late than never.

Another delicious Pike Family Holiday dinner in the books (I think this year makes number 7) ! It was just the G’s and us this year. S made a delicious spread of clams, mussels, potatoes, and chocolate brownie cake!



I didn’t take many pictures because I was too busy having fun and eating TONS of shellfish. I had to snap this cute one of Z and Maddie though :)





Previous Years:

Memorial Day Weekend // New Hampshire // Pictures Galore

Z and I spent a nice, long weekend up in New Hampshire. We were there to spend time with family and celebrate the high school graduation of the youngest cousin on Z’s side. Food, fun, family and fresh air!


(schilling beer co. // littleton, nh)




(morning view // cannon mountain)



(lonesome lake // franconia notch state park)



IMG_3572 IMG_3573


IMG_3900 IMG_3901

(vt beer // swordfish // asparagus // taters)

IMG_3907 IMG_3910


(poetry in the woods // the frost place)

IMG_3911 IMG_3912











(orange julius // snuggly kitty)


(holderness school // class of 2015)






(mr. tazo // pup extraordinaire)








(queen zoe // norfolk terrier)


(champagne-induced dance party // bells and bongos)



A memorial day note: I truly feel grateful to live in this country. I know that it comes at a price that many have paid. Being in New Hampshire, where the motto is “Live Free or Die”, I was reminded about the freedoms we take for granted. I know we have come a long way as a nation and we have far to go.  I am proud to be an American, proud to be a member of the human race, and proud to be a global citizen.

Thank you to all those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom and fighting for the future.



What’s happening on the farm this week?

Wearing: My favorite PJs and


this fun outfit:


Eating: GF Pasta, Salmon, and…


…my new favorite breakfast: this pan bread and one egg with coffee, OJ, and vitamins (more on those later)!


Drinking: KOMBUCHA! I love it and wish it wasn’t so $$$!


Baking: Granola!


Meal Planning:


Doing this week: babysitting (it got rescheduled :), working, Free Fro-Yo at Menchie’s, and going to this show at the 9:30 Club to support my friend’s band, Paperhaus 


Reading: My aunt’s book —  

Gina’s Dream


Planning: A mini-trip for my mom’s 60th birthday this month! Exciting!

Recipes I’m trying: Lemon Chia Almond Bites and Pineapple Coconut Frozen Yogurt

Blog I’m loving: Clean Food Dirty City